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Healthy Living Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Peosta Patients Say

At Healthy Living Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I Can Stand Up Straight Now

I like how Dr. Beth is so friendly and personal but yet very knowledgeable and professional. I like how she makes sure you understand what she is explaining to you? I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Beth. I was in a lot of pain when I went to see Dr. Beth and with only one treatment I can stand up straight now and not in as much pain. I really feel Dr. Beth will really be able to help me. I am happy I went to see Dr. Beth.

~ Deonna O.

Chiropractic care has maintained my flexibility and comfort. I am more mobile and sleep more soundly and without pain.

Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life by eliminating pain and educating me how to live a healthier life through adjustments, nutrition, supplements, exercise. I’ve been pleased to know that my symptoms will improve and I can be seen quickly. I am getting total care and education, I am never rushed out and all questions are answered.

After months of seeing a Family Practitioner and Physical Therapist with no relief of my leg/knee pain, Dr. Beth recommended a vein doctor, which resulted in a diagnosis that cured my leg pain. I was very disappointed in the medical field for not diagnosing me properly. I had even more respect for Dr. Beth especially since the medical field does not recommend Chiropractic Care but Chiropractic does recommend medical care referrals.

~ Carol F.

Chiropractic care has improved my life significantly.

Between living an active lifestyle and working in an office, both of which can be hard on my back and neck. The care I receive at Healthy Living Chiropractic greatly reduces pain and helps me feel much better physically.

I have already told friends what a difference a good Chiropractor can make. I would not be able to continue to participant in all my activities without Dr. Siefken. I have been seeing a Chiropractor for almost 20 years. I have been to numerous Chiropractors and have been happy with all of them. That being said, Dr. Siefken is the most knowledgeable and simply best Chiropractor I have experienced. On top of that she has a wonderful personality and makes me feel very comfortable any time I or any of my family members go to see her.

~ Jeremy O.

I am feeling better with every adjustment and am realizing what a mess I was. Now feeling good is my new normal!

I thought how I felt was normal, as good as it gets. Then I went for an evaluation and adjustment, I could not believe how much better I felt, from back, neck and leg pain to my digestion. Your spine is the door to good health. A chiropractor has the key to that door. Make an appointment and open the door to better health and wellness.

Everything is explained and your course of care is outlined. They have the latest technology (I’m a bit of a ‘geek’ so I like that). You are able to see where you started, where you are going and how to maintain your well being!

~ Lisa C.

Dr. Beth has improved my life in so many ways

I was having trouble with my back, knees, and achy legs. She introduuced me to insoles (foot levelers) which help me tremendously. Also having trouble with my left shoulder. I could barely lift my arm all the way up. She has been working with this injury to allow it to be more mobile and less painful. I would at a computer all day; I have neck issues like most computer operators. Dr. Beth works on getting that back in alignment.

If your curious about chiropractic it is wonderful and in this busy life we all lead it benefits everyone from babies on up. When you are having problems with something the sooner you get in the better you will feel.

I have been most pleased in the course of care with the friendly surroundings, the fact I can come in and always amazed how Dr. Beth can tell exactly what I manage to put out of alignment. I will think it’s one thing and it is usually 3 or 4. I love the fact they are always trying new things to help determine the problems I might have and the most efficient way to get me back on track.

~ Lori I.

You must try Chiropractic care as part of your health care because the less invasive drug free care you receive Chiropractic will greatly enhance your quality of life.

I’m on my feet constantly throughout the day and would experience foot and knee pain especially when I would get out of bed in the morning. Dr. Beth recommended Foot Levelers custom orthotics. After a few days the pain was virtually gone. Great Product from a Doctor that really cares for the well-being of the patient.

I’ve been using Greens First Superfood for the last 2 years. The probiotics and digestive enzymes packed in each dose have done wonders for my digestive system. I would in the past get the occasional seasonal ailments that we all experience but since taking this product I rarely if ever get sick. If I do catch something the effects are greatly diminished and recovery is quick.

Dr. Beth is extremely smart and very professional and will take the time to consult with you and evaluate your needs to provide the best care tailored to you the individual.

~ Randy S.

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